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CJS Drones is a small business based in South Manchester. I don’t just operate locally though, travel for clients can be discussed when making a booking. I’m approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to commercially operate the use of Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA, more commonly known as drones) and along with the CAA approval, I hold all the required insurance for aerial operations.

There are three SUA available, with each offering something slightly different. You can see example work from my fleet of drones on my YouTube  channel. Most importantly, at CJS Drones, safety is my number one priority, so rigorous planning for all operations is completed prior to any flight taking place.


  • Aerial Photography and Videography – Each of the three DJI products in the CJS Drones fleet offer slightly different features. Take a look at my YouTube channel to see which one could fit your requirements. Alternatively, use the “Contact Us” facility on this page to ask me directly.
  • 24/7 Day and Night Operations
  • 3D Ground Mapping – 3D Ground Mapping available on request.
  • 360 Degree Photography and Videography – Using the Fly 360 Degree camera, a 360 degree video or image can be captured. Depending on the website/application the image is uploaded to, a full 4K 360 degree view of the subject area can be created. Ground camera work only.
  • Handheld Gimbal Mounted Videography – The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 handheld gimbal offers stable video using any smartphone.
  • Video Editing – Any of the taken footage, or any of your own, can be edited into a seamless video with either royalty free or licensed musical accompaniment.

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